Getting back to my roots!

​Way back in the day, when I first started my mission to change the world, the first project I took on was creating a local zine here in Springfield called Daizze’s Dirrt. It was a very controversial, opinion/point of view kind of newspaper that was designed to present several sides of particular stories so as to get people to start talking about the issues in hopes of creating change. We got into a bit of trouble from time to time, but because of the attention it got, I was able to get my list of resources into the hands of people in need so it was all worth it. I taught myself how to do it, did MOST of it on my own, I was good at it, it was fun, and it was successful! So I’m doing it again.

My goal is to take “Peer Support” to a whole new level of free social services for the greater public in need! We are building a chain of hands on, peer to peer, community support and referral groups for Page/Group owners/admins of both National and Localized Charities, Groups, Organizations, and people; Professional and NON, to help each other get the word out by posting, sharing, tweeting, pinning, emailing, calling; screaming from your porch if you must in order to fulfill the needs of those who call. If someone needs a wheelchair, someone out there has one… it’s up to us to find it and deliver!

It is my sincere hope that turning the zine into an online production will bring more traffic to the site, more attention to the cause and bring together the voices, the hearts, the experience, the love, and the passion of the true angels, healers, and warriors for change.

Thank You for so much for being here.

~Miss Kellie~