Because there is a time and a place for everything, until we figure out exactly when and where that is, in old “Daizzee’z Dirrt” tradition, we just throw it all here till it finds it’s place… it always does what it’s supposed to. Eventually.

Help Wanted

Sincere Offers Only Please

The first time I heard the voice of God I was in 8th grade at St. Emerics Catholic School standing in the vestibule and he told me in no uncertain terms as clear as you read these words, “One day you will run a church”. It was my first year ever in a catholic school and believe me i did NOT fit in and tho I never forgot it, i never thought it would happen till I realized I kinda did… You’ll never convince me that God is in some building, or that he cares whether or not i drop the f bomb from time to time, but i bet i can show you God in places you never thought a light could shine. And yes, money helps, i’m selling a ton of our stuff to try to make my mission mobile, but whether i ever leave my house again or not, i know that I can make connections that can make change from right here where I am. 

We don’t need money to change the world… we just need each other.